Roasted in Fremantle. Delivered to your door in Singapore.


Our version of blends, using coffee beans sourced only the highest quality... 


Our Capsule Coffee Collection offers a combination of Blends and Single Origin... 

Single Origin

Our Single Origin Coffee Beans seek to highlight the very finest and... 

Roasted with passion. Shared with love.

We believe that coffee is more than a drink, it’s connection. Coffee has an intrinsic ability to bring people together, to create a space for people to share something special, to share a moment, to create a memory.

Coffee is more than what is so lovingly farmed and grown from green beans by incredible farmers. It’s more than a place, like Fremantle, Western Australia, with rich history of generational coffee drinkers and enthusiast. It’s more than coffee roasters who have sharpened their craft over many years of roasting coffee to perfection. Coffee is more than the people who decided that this is something special that should be shared. Coffee is all of that, all together, all connected.

At Gesha Coffee Co. Singapore we think coffee is something magical. Traditionally roasted, lovingly enjoyed and magically connected.